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How to collect and analyze user feedback/reactions

See how Users can submit their feedback and you can analyze their response

Published on October 24, 2023
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How user Gives feedback
How do you analyze the user feedback?
User Feedback offers you the ability to access the sentiment of feedback received on your articles.
By utilizing User Feedback, you can analyze the feedback sentiment, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how your articles are received by your audience. This valuable information empowers you to make informed decisions and enhancements to your content, ensuring it resonates with your readers.

How user Gives feedback

Below each article, there are three emojis that user can click to give their feedback. One-click and it’s done.
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How do you analyze the user feedback?

On the dashboard you can see a centralized view of all the Articles and how are they faring, allowing you to conveniently review and assess the sentiment and comments associated with each article.
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Do you have a Free Plan?
Use this comprehensive overview to gauge the overall reception of your content and identify any trends or patterns in user reactions.
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